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Welcome to my little world of the internet ☻ 

I'm Raiana Comiran, a Brazilian living in Auckland.


With 10 years of design experience, I'm a mentor and organizer for Startup Weekend, and a design instructor at Senac-SC.


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I've always been an innovation enthusiast, and since I graduated, I've been deeply involved in the field. I've worked with various startups and learned a lot from running my own company within a tech incubator. I enjoy blending innovation and design to tackle everyday problems.

Currently, I'm a Senior UX Designer, and I've delivered solutions for over 10 million users.

I help validate startups in Brazil, assist in creating their MVPs, and actively participate in the innovation community in the western Santa Catarina region.


Project process

The entire process is tailored to each project and its business needs, but I usually follow a roadmap of discovery, definition, development, and delivery. Each phase comes with specific dynamics to achieve project goals.


During my free time, I'm into all sorts of games: board games, video games, and card games. I also love reading horror and science fiction books.

I'm a course enthusiast and I love learning about new subjects, techniques, and tools that I can apply in my daily work.

Let's work together? Say hi!

Is there something on your mind that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear it; feel free to send me a message anytime. Let's design a better future.

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